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What are caption prompts?
Coming up with a caption that drives engagement is not an easy task. We have developed a formula that allows us to do the hard work each month creating engaging captions, and all you have to do is fill in the blanks with information about your business. Sometimes prompts are just "suggestions" to get your creativity flowing. Ours; however, are more like Mad Libs.
When will I receive access to each month's issue?
We will release each month's caption on the 15th of the month before. This gives you a 1/2 of a month to plan your content! Cool, huh?
I don't want my captions to look like everyone else's. Do all of your customers post the same captions?
All of our customers do receive the same prompts; however, each business is unique with their brand voice and goals. This is why we take you through our getting started guide to establish your brand's voice and what makes your business unique. You will have the opportunity to use humor or elegance or both! Here is an example of two salon's using the same caption prompt (you will see that they each have different goals, products, and brand voice). Salon 1 was falling short with volume boosting shampoo sales. Salon 2 was trying to market their waxing service. Product 2 in the Getting Started guide is all about which product or service is the lowest selling.

(Are / Is / Does / Was) ____________(problem that product #2 can solve)(Try / Use / Dive into / Enjoy) (a / this / the / our) _________(product #2) for _____(p2 benefit).

Salon 1: Does your hair fall flat before 2pm?  Try our volume boosting shampoo for all day bounce.

Salon 2: Is it difficult for you to keep up on shaving? We know that get's super annoying. Give our waxing service a try, it will buy you at least two weeks of freedom from the razor! 

How often should I post?
We recommend AT LEAST 4 times per week. We dive into this in our Marketing Action plan in the members area! 
What if I don't have time to take photos or I don't really have anything to take photos of.
Each caption comes with a photo suggestion. Our getting started guide provides great recommendations for finding stock photos that will fit your brand. We will also be updating the members area soon with tips and tricks on iPhone photography,
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